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2014925日推出流動應用程式「小型工程錦囊」iOS版本後,屋宇署今天(20141031)推出該流動應用程式的Android版本。如果您是安卓(Android)手機/平版電腦的用戶,歡迎您從Google Play下載此應用程式。


•        使用者能快速地搜索出小型工程正確的類別/類型/項目 (關鍵名詞,常用實例,工程種類和工程項目);
•        了解進行小型工程的規定和程序;
•        提供小型工程的註冊建築專業人士/註冊承建商的註冊名冊;
•        家居小型工程檢核計劃、違例招牌檢核計劃和指定豁免工程;
•        呈交小型工程的資料的方法及表格樣本;
•        詞彙表

想了解更多有關「小型工程錦囊」的簡介,可登入屋宇署網站主頁  (www.bd.gov.hk/chineseT/index.html) 或主題網站「樓宇齊愛護」(www.careyourbuilding.bd.gov.hk)








BD launches Android version of Minor Works Control System mobile app

Further to the roll-out of the mobile application “Quick Guide for Minor Works” for iOS devices on 25 September 2014, the Buildings Department (BD) today (31 October 2014) launched the Android version of the app. If you are a user of Android mobile phone or tablet, you are welcome to download the App simply from Google Play.

You can make use of the App to know more about the following features of the MWCS :-

•        The correct class/type/item of minor works by different quick search methods (Keywords, Scenarios, Categories & Items)
•        The procedures and requirement for carrying minor works
•        Registers for Building Professional/Registered Contractor
•        Validation Schemes for Household Minor Works and Unauthorised Signboards, and Designated Exempted Building Works  
•        Application method with sample forms
•        Glossary

The introduction for the App is also available in the BD Homepage (www.bd.gov.hk/english/index.html) and thematic website “Care For Your Building” (www.careyourbuilding.bd.gov.hk).


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